Once they are taken to a housing unit, the head officers over that building will Search all inmate property, they will be assigned to a zone and rack #, and will be issued a mattress, pillows are rarely available. They will be housed in a zone with 125 other inmates, 4 toilets. 4 urinals, 4 sinks, and 12 shower heads. EVERYTHING is open and there is NO privacy at ALL. They are going to be sleeping on either a top or bottom rack, there are two slid out drawers on the bottom where they can store property etc. however no locking devices allowed at CMCF R&C so anything in there they must watch or tie closed. There will be 1 Television on each zone which is allowed on at all times except for count and rack down. They will be allowed to go outside on Yard Call when time and weather permits, this will last anywhere from 30 -60 minutes. Both zones are let out for Yard Calls, so it is a total of 250+ inmates. Wake Up call is every morning at 5:30 am, inmates are to get up and dressed, make there racks(beds), they may lay back down, but cannot cover up. Rack down is at 9pm. Breakfast is served between 6 7 am, inmates have 5 minutes to eat. Lunch and Dinner are the same way. Any mail that they want to send out to familys can be taken at this time to the dining room, there is an outgoing mailbox posted outside of the dining hall. NO smoking anytime period at CMCF R&C, if anyone is caught smoking it is an RVR and permenant mark on there record.
2004 JonathanEdwards